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On July 21/22, 2020 artists, performers, organizers, groups, organizations, gardeners, workers, poets, sex workers and co-conspirators of every type will create spaces to engage a global audience in a 22 hour virtual space to change how we define work, who is worthy of money, and support our community by raising awareness and changing the language around these issues. What do these spaces look like? A symposium, a reading, a dance concert, a music concert. An excerpt from a play, a book. A full-length variety production, a collective community jog, a virtual gallery. We will provide support to guide your thinking and actions. Co-conspirators can also help us raise awareness of the event, design, volunteer, endorse and advertise.

The events will raise $43,000 across six different continents in a grassroots global fundraising campaign to support sex workers directly. Co-conspirators can donate right now here: https://www.blacksexworkercollective.org/donate-1 and tickets are now on sale at www.thebswc.eventbrite.com and organizations can sign on to support the event.
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