Group Therapy waiting list
In-person group therapy with Mindful Counseling starts Thursday June 28th at our Orem, Utah office!

Register here to be on the group list.

Building groups (10 people each) for the following 90 minute in-person groups:

Intuitive Eating + Body Love Group with Tiffany Roe (Thursday 5pm- 6:30pm)
Mindfulness & Meditation Group with Joe Dennis (Wednesday 8am-9am)
I Am Enough group: Self-compassion and Self-love with Tiffany Roe (Thursdays 6:45pm -8:15pm)
Anxiety + Emotional Management Group (TBD)

*Specify which group you want to join
*Specify whether or not you want to pay in full ($360 for all 6 sessions - saves you $60) or per group ($420 total, $70 per 90 minute group)

You will be sent an invoice after registering here and your spot will be reserved upon payment in full or payment for the first group.

Feel free to request a group topic which you would love in the comments section - if you have a group of people you want to do a group with (group of friends, family, co-workers - we can create a closed group upon special request)

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