North Texas FTC 2018 qualifier (pre)registration form
** If your team has already received qualifier event reservations via email, then contact regarding issues with or possible changes to existing reservations. This form cannot be used to alter currently held event reservations or to waitlist for additional events.

This form is used to allow teams to request/reserve slots at North Texas FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournaments. Completing this form does not register your team for any events, but it does establish your team's priority for registration slots. As teams are assigned to events, you will receive "reservation tickets" for your selected events at the contact email address you provide in this form. The reservation tickets will contain instructions about completing registration and payment options for events.

Teams will not be allocated event registration slots until the team's $275 national registration fee is paid via the Dashboard. The national registration fee is in addition to tournament entry fees; for 2018-2019 we expect qualifier tournament fees to be $175 per event. (Teams that receive grants from FIRST in Texas will be assumed to have paid their national registration fee, even if the funding hasn't officially been sent.)

Teams intending to compete in a league (Waco or El Dorado) should contact the League Coordinator for registration details, or email Patrick Michaud at

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January and February qualifiers
In order to provide all North Texas teams with an opportunity to compete in a January or February event, each team will be offered ONE reservation for an event below based on availability and preferences given here. If your team prefers to pre-register for two Nov/Dec events instead of receiving a Jan/Feb event slot, please select "Additional Nov/Dec event" as one of your choices. By mid-December we will begin accepting waitlist requests for any unclaimed Jan/Feb event slots.
1 - highest
4 - lowest
Additional Nov/Dec event (instead of a Jan/Feb event)
Jan 5 - Trinity River Qualifier, Fort Worth
Jan 12 - Greenhill School, Addison
Jan 19 - Wylie East HS, Wylie
Jan 26 - Bethesda Christian School, Ft Worth
Jan 26 - Ferris HS Qualifier, Ferris
Feb 2 - Hedrick Middle School, Lewisville
Early season qualifiers (Nov/Dec)
If your team would like to register for a early season event, please indicate your preference(s) in the boxes below. Teams are not required to select or compete in an early season event. Teams that elect the "Additional Nov/Dec event" option in the previous question may be provided multiple events from this list based on preferences and availability. Any unclaimed registration slots for these events will be made available to all teams (and waitlists) approximately three weeks before the event.
1 - highest
4 - lowest
Nov 10 - Conrad HS, Dallas
Nov 17 - Williams HS, Plano
Dec 8 - [likely FULL] Lowery Freshman Center, Allen
Dec 15 - [FULL] Townview Qualifier, Dallas
Jan 5 - Trinity River Qualifier, Fort Worth (** if space is available we /may/ be able to offer this to teams as a "early season" event)
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If this form wasn't able to capture your event preferences, or if you have special considerations such as multiple teams that need to travel together, let us know in the space below or send an email to .
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