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We've published over 100 challenging, empowering, and important books for kids of all ages.  We've done so with icons, change makers, young people, and often 1st time authors.  

Now we want to open up our incredible publishing process for more individuals, non-profits, and corporations looking to tell an important story for the next generation. 

We have a unique book creation process that doesn't require you to be a good writer, just someone with an authentic and empowering story to tell.  Each of our books are written via a one day workshop process, designed and edited in house, and published within one of our series brands.

Publishing Service Overview:
- Full Publishing 
- Workshop 
- Editing 
- Design 
- Distribution 
- 45 Day Process 

The Publishing Service has a starting cost at $6,500 

✍🏽 Writing Workshop
The process starts with a one day workshop (3-5 hours) via video conference with our team to collaboratively create the first draft manuscript for the author’s book. We've done this 100+ times and it's a magical part of the process. 99% of the writing happens here.  

📄 Editing Work
We dive into the editing work right away. This includes developmental edits, copy edits, and author edits. No long deadlines or solo work for the author, this is all done in collaboration. 

📕 Cover Design
We start the design part of the work with fully developed cover designs. After we land on a direction that fits the tone and content of the book, we finalize it to move to the next phase.  

📖 Internal Design
We take the cover design style and approach and begin to layout the internal copy and design of the book including: copy, design elements, illustrations, and sections. 

📏 Proofing
The book goes through proofing at each stage to ensure that we're on the right track. The book goes through a final proof on copy and design and if it passes it's marked "Print Ready".

🖨 Printing
We work with our print partners to begin the printing process depending on the needs and distribution channels of the book.

📦 Distribution
The final book is made available for sale (Direct & Wholesale) through various distribution channels, including but not limited to: Amazon.comTarget.comWalmart.com, and Barnesandnoble.com.

📣 Promotion
Author's can finally begin promoting their book! Author's receive 25 "gift copies" of their book along with a promotional kit including: Book imagery, marketing copy, author bio, and purchase links.  

➕ Add ons
Multiple add ons are available for authors as apart of the service like additional marketing activity, audiobook production, book translation services, and more. 

⚙️ Timeline
The total timeline for all of these activities beginning with the workshop is 45 days! Yes, that's not an exaggeration. 45 days from the day you start you'll be holding a hardback copy of your book.

This service isn't available to everyone and requires an investment of both time and money.  We'll evaluate candidates as they come in for authenticity, expertise, and connection to the topic.  

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