Leather Cultural District Contact List
You're here because you're a stakeholder in the definition of the SF Leather Cultural District. This is intended to be a transparent process. The info in this form will be shared with the other stakeholders. It allows the organizers to contact you, and it allows all of us to review the info and make sure we have contacted all the right people at the right address. Questions? Contact ErikW@sfldg.org.
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We want the entire community involved. Help us see if we have everyone who should be here.
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Repping yourself is great. If you're also representing a clubs, business, event, community space, title, etc., please tell us so we know if we've reached the complete community. Examples: The Exiles. Leather Alliance. SF Eagle. Leatherwalk. IMsL. SF Sober Kinkster.
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What name does everyone call you?
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Can we make your email address visible to other members of the stakeholders group? Making your email will be visible in a doc accessible to *this* group of people has a very specific purpose: We need to ensure the broad leather community's voice is heard. Seeing each other's contact allows the group to ensure we have contacted all the right people at the right address. (This won't be distributed broadly or spammed.) *
If you're an org, business, or otherwise have a physical presence inside the Leather District geoboundaries—OR IF YOU THINK THE DISTRICT SHOULD INCORPORATE YOUR ADDRESS, then put it down here so we can map it out.
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Anything you'd like us to add to this project address book, e.g., "I'm a bartender at The Eagle" Also tell us if there wasn't an appropriate selection for "Type" for the first question.
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Help us organize!
Do you have special skills to contribute to this community project? We love you!
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