Immigrant Integration Survey
Please complete this survey to help San Diego's systems better serve immigrant communities. This survey is anonymous and your responses will not be shared to immigration authorities. You can skip any questions.
What's your household size?
What is your country of birth?
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Where do you currently live? (neighborhood/city)
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How often do you take public transportation?
What educational opportunities have you enrolled in since arriving in San Diego? (Choose all that apply)
What educational opportunities are your children enrolled in? (Choose all that apply)
What are the greatest obstacles for you to learn English?
Do you work full-time or part-time, or are you unemployed or self-employed?
In what sector(s) do you work?
What challenges have you faced in finding or maintaining employment?
Where do you go for information about social or legal services?
What have been some obstacles to accessing healthcare?
Where do you find the most community connections?
Have you had any interaction with the police?
Do you feel safe in San Diego?
Do you feel your voice is heard by elected officials?
Do you feel welcomed by your neighbors?
What is your Immigration Status?
If you are a citizen, how often do you vote?
What has been your experience as an immigrant in San Diego?
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