Whitehaven Baby Shower: Family Request Form
On behalf of Red Door Urban Missions and My Town Miracles,
CONGRATULATIONS! We are honored to celebrate you (+1 guest) on Saturday, June 22nd at our baby shower at 1pm at Hillcrest High School!
But! Before we get to that, please fill out this form to help us know exactly what your household needs to ensure your baby has all their essentials! 

Before you fill out this form please note:
1) Filling out this form does not guarantee your baby will receive any or all of the requests made. 

2) This initiative is for parents/guardians who live at New Horizon, Hillview Village, Mill Creek, Gospel Gardens, or Creekside Meadows and/or the mother or father of the baby attends Hillcrest HS or Fairley HS. 

3) If you have multiple children (0-2 years old) each child needs their own form filled out. 
*Do NOT put requests for multiple children in one form. 

4) Please be specific on what your child needs in order to feel best prepared to bring home baby. Please consider clothing, bedding, toiletries, and education as priorities. 

5) Gifts will be ready to take home at the Baby Shower on Saturday, June 22nd at 1pm at Hillcrest High School unless otherwise arranged. 

6) Until Ms. Whitney Williams has confirmed receipt of your completed form, simply filling it out does not mean you will receive any gifts.

7) If you have any questions you may contact Ms. Whitney Williams at whitney@mytownmiracles.org or Mr. Eric Watkins of Red Door Urban Missions. 

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