This form should be used for requesting a game change if you need to change a game posted on the ONLINE Schedule. Please refer to the website to be sure that you are within the allowable guidelines for the game change request to be considered as well as the timeline chart for allowable game changes to be made without fees/fines.

Grass Field Changes Require 72 Business Hrs Notice; Turf Field Changes Require 2 weeks notice

*To prevent paying late notice fees, if you know you will for sure NOT be able to play a scheduled game but have not worked out a reschedule date with your opponent, please complete a game change request to move the game off the schedule NOW so we can notify referees and open the field availability for others (for new game date just put 12/25/2021). Once you have agreed upon a date, resubmit the change with the information.
GAME # (from online schedule) *
Original Game Date *
Original Game Time *
Original Game Location/Field *
Team 1 (Home) *
Team 2 (Away) *
New Game Date (1st Choice) *
New Game Time (1st Choice) *
New Field Location (1st Choice) *
New Field Number (1st Choice) *
New Request Game Date (2nd Choice) *
New Request Game Time (2nd Choice) *
New Request Field Location (2nd Choice) *
Field Number (2nd Choice) *
If you selected an option for a Non-Contracted BPYSL Field you MUST complete the following or the Game Change Request will automatically be denied.
List the Non-Contracted FIELD NAME you received approval for
Indicate the NAME and EMAIL address of the Field Coordinator who gave you permission to play at this Non-Contracted field
Indicate that you understand that ALL fees and Rules related to use of a Non-Contracted Field will be paid by your team/club as BPYSL does not pay for use of Non-Contracted fields.
Clear selection
Reason for Game Change Request *
If OTHER was answered above, please describe in detail why the game change request is needed.
Team Contact NAME that is Requesting Change *
Team Contact EMAIL that is Requesting Change *
Opposing Team Contact NAME that AGREED/APPROVED this Change *
Opposing Team Contact EMAIL that AGREED/APPROVED this Change *
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