TOA Event 2:"The Price We Pay" February 2016-Booking Form
Please enter your details below to book for Tales Out Of Anchor Event Two: "The Price We Pay"
This event will be set a year after Event One, on Audit Day.


£80 Full Price
£60 Concessions - full-time student or unwaged

Payment includes indoor accommodation and catered meals.

Bank Details here:

Firecat Masquerade Ltd.
Acc: 73026663
S/C: 20-12-80

Please mark your payment reference as "TOA" followed by your initial and surname e.g. "TOABSmith"


If you cannot pay in full, an initial payment of £20 secures your space.

If you would like to pay by installments, please let us know in the form below. We will take three installments of either £20, £30 and £30 (full price) or three of £20 (concessions). All payments must be received by Monday 4 January 2016.


Bookings are only confirmed once we have received payment.
The payment deadline is Monday 4 January 2016.
We will email you to confirm we have received your payment.


5th-7th February 2016

YHA Langdale
High Close
LA22 9HJ


Tales Out Of Anchor runs from 8pm on Friday night to midnight on Saturday. There will be activity throughout the weekend.
We will finish at midnight on Saturday, and there will be a shared post-game (Out Of Character) breakfast on Sunday morning.


Previously played characters please update us with your character details. New characters, please tell us about yourselves.

Tell us about your character (bullet point format preferred) and we will give you everything you need to enjoy the game.
Please submit one page of A4 (typeface no smaller than size 12 Times New Roman) to before 1 December 2015

- What would you like to change about the status quo?
- What will you never surrender?
- Where do you live; where do you spend most of your waking hours?

For more info, please go here:

We will email you to confirm we have received your character background.
We will then approve your character and assign you one merit (skill) which will be emailed to you a couple of weeks before the game.

For more detail on characters in Tales Out Of Anchor go here:


Please enter your character's influence in the space at the bottom of this form. If you are a returning character and would like to change your influences, please enter the NEW influences in the space at the bottom - please let us know in your backgrounds about the reason behind this change.

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All payments must be received by 4th January 2016
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Medical Information *
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You will be sleeping indoors at this event, we have a limited number of ground floor, accessible rooms.
Food allergies, preferences or sensitivites *
The event is fully catered, please list any allergies, sensitivities or the types of food you do not like to eat.
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Are you planning to bring a toddler or babe-in-arms? *
This game is not suitable for children and participants should be over 16. You may bring babes-in-arms and toddlers to this event, but the following rules apply
Select or change your Character's Influence (Bureaucracy, Church, Docks, Islanders, Nobility, Skydancers, Underworld, University) *
You have THREE points to spend. You may put either ONE or TWO points in each Influence selected. For more information go here
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