2018 Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor Application
Due Saturday, November 18 at 5:00pm. Applications will be submitted via Google Form this year.
Thank you for your interest in becoming an Oklahoma State University Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor. Recruitment Counselors, otherwise known as Gamma Chis, play a vital role before, during and after recruitment. They help not only the Panhellenic Council but all of the potential new members in order for Oklahoma State University to have a successful recruitment. They provide support, friendship and personal guidance to all of the new women as well as to promote the whole sorority community; not any specific chapter.
Applicants must:
- Be active and initiated members of a sorority
- Be in good standing with the university
- Be in good standing with their sorority
- Be able to attend all recruitment related meetings and events
- Have recruited for their chapter at least one year

Recruitment Counselor Job Description
Once selected as a Recruitment Counselor, it is your responsibility to become disaffiliated from your chapter. This is done so the Recruitment Counselor can better promote the entire university and all chapters that make up the Panhellenic Council. You will gain knowledge during training about every chapter and about recruitment rules and procedures so that you can be a knowledgeable resource to all potential new members. Recruitment Counselors aid PNMs throughout the recruitment process as well as give these women their first impressions of OSU and our entire fraternity and sorority community.

Recruitment Counselor Qualities

• Loyal and involved member of an NPC sorority
• Positive attitude
• Excellent communication skills
• Superb listening skills
• Ability to maintain confidentiality
• Positive role model
• Can work well with others
• Time manager
• Honest
• Sincere
• Dependable
• Responsible
• Enthusiastic
• Impartial

Phone Number:
Sorority Affiliation:
Upload your resume here:
Answer the questions below.
1. What do you feel is the role of a recruitment counselor and why do you want to serve as one?
2. List what qualities make a successful recruitment counselor and how you exemplify these qualities.
3. Explain a situation where you helped someone make an important decision. What did you do to help them?
4. Retention of potential new members in the OSU recruitment process has been a priority for the last couple of years. If a potential new member wanted to withdraw from recruitment, how would you handle that situation?
Recruitment Counselor Agreement: I am aware that being a Recruitment Counselor is a great honor and an extreme commitment that will take true dedication on my part. I understand that I will have time commitments every week for this position. By signing this, I agree that I will make all weekly meetings and other obligations. I understand the importance of Greek Discovery Day, Recruitment Work Week, and Fall Recruitment. I realize that my presence is imperative to the success of the entire recruitment process. I agree to show up promptly to every event unless an emergency situation arises and in that case I will contact the Recruitment Counselor Coordinator. Any absences not excused by the Recruitment Counselor Coordinator will result in my dismissal as a Recruitment Counselor. If I am dismissed prior to Greek Discovery Day, I will return to my chapter for the rest of the recruitment process. If I am dismissed after Greek Discovery Day I am aware that I will be unable to return to my chapter for the rest of the recruitment process. I will be able to disaffiliate from my chapter and keep all information confidential throughout the period of my position and after my role is completed. I pledge that the information included in this application is correct and factual to the best of my knowledge and agree to have my GPA released to the Panhellenic Executive Council and Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs for the purposes of evaluating this application.
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