Business Self-Report
Completion of this form satisfies the reporting requirements to the Colorado State Patrol for dealers, owners, keepers, or proprietors of junk shop, junk store, salvage yard or other secondhand property who have had transactions (buying or selling) involving commodity metals or catalytic converters pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.) §18-13-111.

A dealer is defined as:  “Dealer” means any person, business, or entity that buys, sells, or distributes, for the purpose of recycling, processing, or smelting, any commodity metal or detached catalytic converter on a wholesale basis.

In compliance with subsection (12)(c) of this section, the above facilities must complete and submit this assessment to the Colorado State Patrol on or before AUGUST 1 each year.  Pursuant to this statute, while a peace officer may inspect the business transacting in commodity metals or detached catalytic converters at any reasonable time, if an applicable facility does not comply with the assessment reporting requirements, the Colorado State Patrol may prompt a law enforcement inspection.  Entities that report false information may be charged under applicable statutes.

If you believe you received a notification in error, please complete this self-report, as there is a section to attest to your business you and whether it is applicable to current Colorado Revised Statutes. This will allow us to update our records.  If your business changes what it does or does not transact in, you may re-submit this self-report.

The Colorado State Patrol encourages voluntary compliance and education with individuals and industries participating in transactions involving commodity metals or detached catalytic converters to help combat catalytic converter and commodity metal theft in Colorado.

In short, the Colorado State Patrol encourages honesty in completing this form.  We understand most businesses are operate within compliance as much as possible and may not always be aware of the most recent statutes and regulations.  This self-reporting may highlight where you may be deficient.  We ask that if you recognize you are deficient, please take steps to come into compliance to set your business up for success in the future and help deter theft.

If you would like to listen to the podcast about these requirements, please click here.

Thank you,
The Colorado State Patrol
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