Science-Fiction Genre Questionnaire
A general questionnaire about science-fiction.
What level of education do you hold?
Have you ever read Isaac Asimov's short story, 'The Last Question'?
Why do you like the sci-fi genre?
Your answer
What was your earliest exposure to the Science-Fiction genre you can remember?
Your answer
How do you experience Science-Fiction genre?
Most frequent social media app used?
How interesting would you say the following sci-fi themes or topics are?
The topic repulses me
Totally neutral
Pretty interesting
It's all I talk about
Artificial Intelligence
Origin of the universe (end of the universe, beginning of the universe)
Existential loneliness
Man vs. Machine
Humanity's evolution into a intergalactic civilization
What was the last sci-fi themed media you watched/read/listened to?
Your answer
How would you describe the end of the universe?
Your answer
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