Globcal Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
(Updated - December 13, 2017) Help us provide all our members with a better, well-defined, purposeful and secure Internet experience as professionals working together in the private sector and as individual public figures engaged in international sustainable development activities with the United Nations.

As a prerequisite to our pre-sale of our ICO and cryptocurrency project in South America we are effectively transforming all existing members who have joined from 2012-2017 by returning their investments to them in par value in cryptocurrency and recognizing their work achievements with "cryptocredits" based on the merits of their deeds and titles.

Please enter your personal data from your Android, Apple, Chrome, Opera or Firefox browser that you are logged into using your official registered Globcal Network account or your (free Gmail) Google+ account. If you are logged into your account through Google, G-Suite or the Globcal Network you will be able to return later to modify or update the fields within the form anytime you are logged in correctly. Please complete all of the requested fields.

Please use good computer URL syntax in your expressions with properly cased letters and characters. Please DO NOT USE all CAPITAL LETTERS or forget appropriate abbreviation marks, erroneous links inside the application will be deleted. If you make an error and want to create a new record you must clear your cache, we will automatically use the most recent record, as an individual you may only have one universal identity with many unique attributes.

Email address *
Last Name *
Last name (surname) or hyphenated parents and/or spousal surnames 'if both are used.'
First Name and Second Name *
Please provide your own complete familiar name without the surnames of your parents called 'first and second name' or 'first and middle name'. (Examples: Jose Maria, David Alexander, Emmy-Lou Jane, Bob Frank, etc). Do not include titles, suffixes, or prefixes. We need the name your parents gave you, the name you have on a birth certificate or the national passport that you possess without your last name.
Full Name *
Your full legal name as you wish to be addressed "John Smith," "Dr. John Smith," "Col. John Smith," "Ambassador John Smith," "John Smith, PhD" etc. The exact sequence and presentation here is the only exact searchable format. If you are a Globcal International Ambassador or have a Facebook Page as a Public Figure, Author, or Government Official please enter the exact page title here.
Preferred Username *
Please indicate a random username that you like or frequently use. Examples are "papabear", "earthmother", "princess03" or "dougsmith" please use all "lowercase" letters as illustrated. The username may be used to encode your PGP key for blockchain activities.
Primary email address *
Please provide your primary preferred email address to receive communications and official documents. You will be able to use this email address as your personal authorization and primary method of accessing our networks.
Secondary email *
Please provide a secondary personal email address or a friend's email that we will use if you ever lose access to your Google or integrity credentials with Globcal.
Postal Address Information *
Please provide your full address information as it 'should read' for a postman to deliver a first-class regular letter. Please include formatting, your city, state, and zip code or regional information required for proper postal delivery. This must be the same as your permanent residence address, if you work abroad use a post office box or your family's permanent address, you can change this address at any time. The Proper FORMAT follows this order: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State or Province, Zip Code, and Country.
Representative Geo-Political Region *
Please provide your preferred metropolitan sustainable region (metropolis) that you live within reasonable commuting distance to, otherwise your reference should be for the country or larger region, rather than a specific city. Normally the closest metropolitan population that has a population of 1,000,000 or more. Do not name the country unless you are the only possible representative there living in a smaller country, just use the metropolitan region or city name, if possible.
Smartphone Number *
Please enter here your SMS, Text Message, cellphone number enabled with Facebook, Gmail, etcetera. Enter your phone number in this format (+00) (Area Code) Number, it should look something like this (+01)(866)555-1212, you must use the + symbol and parentheses appropriately. It is important to have this number and your email up-to-date.
Social Media Connections *
Which of the following social media platform profiles reflect a profile with your true name, have your photograph, are unique on the platform, well elaborated, are verifiable and that follow the terms and policies of the network? Those marked with an asterisk are required, if you do not have the required networks please come back to complete the form later. Check all that apply!
Other Networks *
Please name other networks you use that are particular to your specialty or interests where you are engaged for an hour or more per week. This answer can be a particular forum, a dating site, a game, a virtual reality interface or other computer based media that is interective online other than the social media platforms named above, you can name up to three.
Facebook *
Please provide your unique individual Facebook ID number and URL. To find it type your own name into FB search while logged in and then right click over yourself, copy the URL and post (paste) the result here.
Google+ *
Please provide your personal URL for your Google+ Profile.
LinkedIn *
Please provide your LinkedIn name-space or username reference URL.
Please provide your or your business' full Twitter name including the '@' symbol. (Example @twitter, @facebook, @globcal)
Indiegogo *
Please provide your full Indiegogo profile ID number or URL.
Email *
Which email services do you actively use. Personal or free emails?
Birthplace *
In which country, state or nation were you born, at the time you were born, regardless of nationality or national origin or heritage. If you are indigenous or Native American indicate your tribe "only if" you were born on a reservation or within an indigenous sovereign territory.
Birthright *
Your rights to your heritage as a descendant of particular parents or of a particular culture essential to your personal identity, traditions, and customs, perhaps you are a noble and need to declare this, perhaps not. Normally this is the same as your nationality, but it may be more regional, use your personal choice and preference here for survey results. (Example: Jim's mother is a Native American Cherokee and his father practiced Judaism and was French and Italian, Jim was born in Montreal. Jim can state he is any or all of the following: American, Canadian, Native American, Cherokee Native, Indian, Amerindian, North American, Israeli, French, Italian, French/Italian, French Canadian, Earthling, or he can just put Global Citizen)
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