Maid Café Server Signup 2020
NFC's famous maid café returns yet again, this year with a musical theme. We welcome all guests to The Musical Maid Café. Our gorgeous fluffy servers are ready to serve you yummy treats and comforting hot tea and coffee.

Want to be one of us? We're always seeking servers to help out. Contact Lyrra @alesish11 on Telegram or send a mail to for more information.

Our dress code for 2020 will be a classical maid and Butler Café, but with a musical twist! Our general style guide can be found here >> << we will mainly focus on black, dark blue, purples, white + red and gold, think a starry night sky.

DISCLAIMER: Is this your first nfc? Then please do reconsider helping out! We want You to be able to enjoy NFC as an attendee before you start working with us! Because once you start working, well, you will most likely have your paws full.
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Got telegram? or Discord? Or anything similar that you wish to share with us? Let us know here. This is also so the maid lord herself can contact you if she has any questions or if you would like to be added to the Maid rooster (on Telegram) once you have been approved.
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