Distance learning survey questions for parents.
What kind of internet access does your home have? *
Does data limit your internet access? *
Are you comfortable picking up all supplies necessary for your child’s/children’s distance learning? *
How happy are you with the apps/platforms used for distance learning? *
Rate your distance learning experience so far. *
What more can we do to improve our distance learning initiatives? *
How worried are you about your child/children’s social-emotional health? *
Do you feel the communication is smooth between students and teachers? *
Are you confident your child will make adequate academic progress through remote learning? *
How frequently do you assist your child with their schoolwork? *
What medium do you prefer the school to communicate with you? *
How can your district support you in making distance learning a success? *
Do you feel the communication is smooth between parents and teachers? *
How anxious are you about your child/children’s peer relationships due to physical and social distancing? *
What advice would you give the teachers to improve student engagement? *
In the past 3-4 weeks, how often has your child interacted spoken with teachers or other members of the educational facility? *
Additional questions or comments *
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