Tri Nerds Body Audit (Multisport)
This quick list of items/activities will provide your future coach with a helpful guide to getting you started on a training program! The purpose of these questions are to determine what your current training status is and future goals to better map out your transformation.

Below are listed a few questions about your goals, and several boxes for you to input some metric data regarding 3 basic tests. Each test is described in the help box. There is one for each discipline of triathlon: swim, bike, and run.

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What is your main goal or target race/date? *
Give the race name, location, and specific date.
Which sports are you interested in training for? *
ie. duathlon, triathlon, aquathlon
How many days/week are you looking to commit? *
How many hours/week are you currently training *
And how many hours do you think you can commit? (it's okay if it's the same as the last answer!) *
What is your previous experience in the sport of choice? *
Include previous experience, even if it has been >5 years! The more your coach knows, the better!
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