GWU UK Harassment and Abuse at Work Survey
It’s clear that issues of abuse and sexual harassment are widespread across the global games industry, and the UK is no exception.

We have set up a survey that can be answered anonymously to collect personal accounts of sexual harassment, coercion, and violence in the games industry. We’re not here to question or judge, only to support you if you wish. Do not feel like any experience is too small or insignificant. The results of this survey will help us to understand the scale of the problem, identify vulnerable situations, and work towards creating a strategy to counter it. We can also reach out to individuals, if they wish, and work with them to see what redress might look like and how education can be used to shape the future of a games industry that we want to work in.

All questions are optional. Data will be held in confidence by union officials and we will only contact members who request it.
What is your gender identity?
What company do you work for?
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Have you experienced sexual harassment or abusive working conditions in the games industry? What happened?
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How often have you experienced these things?
Have you ever reported this?
If you did report it, was anything done about it?
If you didn't report it, why not?
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How big of a problem do you think sexual harassment is in the games industry?
How big of a problem do you think abusive working conditions are in the games industry?
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Your email address. We will use this to contact you about your experiences confidentially, and work out what support we can provide to you. We may also ask for more details to help us understand more about the extent of the problem of abuse sexual harassment in the games industry and what we as a union can do to tackle it. If you would like to know more about how we use your data, please check our website for our Data Protection Policy ( and our Privacy Notice (
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