Please help us learn from your Innovators' Compass experiences!
All of these are helpful but optional—please answer just as many as you're interested to! Your honest answers are the best answers. Check as many options as apply, or offer an "other". Feel free to upload photos/videos (at the last question) when it's easier than writing!
When & how did you learn about Innovators' Compass?
How much have you used it?
Why that amount?
What ways have you used it?
Why those ways?
What parts do you use?
Why those parts?
For what topic(s)/situations(s)? Why?
With whom?
What ages of people?
How many times might you come back to the same Compass?
Why that many times?
How long might you spend each time?
Why that long?
How does it feel to use it? Why?
Optional prompts: Easy, helpful, enjoyable—or not? Compared to the same situation without the Compass? Has that changed over time? Does it depend on the situation?
Have you shared your compasses with other people?
Have you shared the Compass tool(s) or website with others?
Why your responses to the two sharing questions above?
So far, using the compass has affected me...
Why the effects (or not) above?
Here's space to share more about your experiences—or any other observations or ideas about the Compass—you'd like to with us!
If you'd like, share any photos or videos!
If you're up to it, please share your name and contact information.
These will not be shared, but just let us reach out to you if we're curious to learn more.
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