RSVP for Baker & Bloom Parent Seminar June 24th
Event: The Coding Mindset - Turning Curiosities into Portfolio Projects
Date: Thursday, 24 June 2021
Time: 1.00 - 2.00pm
Speaker: Ms. Mei Chen & Ms. Dazi Cremonita
Venue: Online

Technology is not just for the logical, but also the artistic. From kinetic sculptures to automatas, students with different predispositions and interests can become technologists who use coding, design, and engineering to develop their ideas into award-winning and/or patent-pending projects. In this talk, Mei and Dazi will discuss how we can guide students to turn their hobbies into interesting STEM projects, such as using their love of games to work on character design, scoring, and game loops, or leveraging their love for music to invent a new, patented instrument.

About Our Speakers:

Mei Chen
Mei Chen is an accomplished scientist and engineer who has worked in both private and public sectors and is also a passionate teacher. With over a decade of experience working for Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Accenture Consulting, and Lockheed Martin Space Systems (including programs with NASA!), Mei brings to the Baker & Bloom classroom real-world applications of science and a wonderful ability to make science, math and technology exciting and relevant in the everyday life of her students.

Dazi Cremonita
Upon graduating from City University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering, Dazi Cremonita began her career by joining Microsoft and trained corporate software engineers on the adoption of cloud technology. The position required her to lead technical workshops on machine learning, DevOps and open-source technology. Dazi believes that learning should be both fun and practical. To achieve this, she incorporates gamification and humor to the exploration of technical ideas.

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