Ardrossan Jr/Sr High Parking Application 2019/20
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Students who have been issued a School Parking Permit must be aware of the following rules:

There are a limited number of permits available for student parking and any abuse of this privilege will lead to the permit being revoked immediately and without further warning. Only Vehicles with a Grade 12 Parking Permit are allowed in the Plug-in Parking area..
1. Stunting or any unsafe driving anywhere in the area of the school will result in immediate loss of parking privileges. Vehicle speed on school property is DEAD SLOW.
2. Once a vehicle is parked, those inside must leave the car and parking area immediately.
3. This permit is non-transferable. You may not lend your pass to a friend or sibling. If you are found doing so, the pass will be revoked immediately and without warning.
4. The pass must be displayed hanging from the rear view mirror or in the back window of your vehicle while parked in the parking area. It is your responsibility to ensure that the pass is visible and not obscured by frost or dirt. If the pass is either not displayed properly or not displayed at all, you could be tagged for illegal parking. If this should occur, the school will not intercede on your behalf with the by-law enforcement agency and you will be responsible for any fines incurred. Unauthorized vehicles may be ticketed or towed away at the owner’s expense.
5. If you contemplate driving different vehicles to school, you may transfer the permit from vehicle to vehicle, but all vehicles must be registered at the office. It is your responsibility to see that this is done. If it is not done, and your pass appears in the window of an unregistered vehicle, that vehicle may be tagged and the school will not intercede on your behalf with the by-law enforcement agency.
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