Paddler Experience and Qualification Record
As part of the implementation of our club safety policy, and in line with BC advice, we maintain a record of paddlers' experience and qualifications. This is so we can make decisions on suitable activity, trip and river leaders and have evidence to support this.

All paddlers who lead on or run any of the clubs activities MUST have a record on this list. Paddlers on this list are those who we judge to have the knowledge to enable them to make decisions on the safe running of a session or trip for a group; including when an activity is beyond their or a groups competance.

A paddler whose entry on this list has been approved must be in attendance at:
1) All sessions within our home waters (defined as the section of the Cam from Byron's Pool to Jesus Lock, where one or more participants are NOT of an intermediate ability (BCU 2* standard) . NB The moving water around the Mill Pond Sluice, and any other section of moving water, such as in times of high level should be treated as white water.
2) All trips (including but not limited to White Water, Polo, Pool, Touring) outside our home waters.

Please fill in this form to apply to be added to the list. It will then be reviewed by the coaching and safety officer. Note also that a copy of the list is sent each year to Cambridge Sport during the club's yearly registration.

Being on the list does not commit any paddler to leading trips or activities. If you have any further questions please email The full club safety policy is here:

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