Holiday Matsuri 2017 Dance Cover Contest Submission Form
Please fully read the rules present on the Holiday Matsuri Website.

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Eventbrite Order Id
Enter in the EventBrite Order Identifier you received when you purchased your pass to Holiday Matsuri 2017.
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Other Members
Enter in the legal names, stage names and emails of other members in the group (if applicable). Also, include their Eventbrite Order Identifiers. Everyone must have been pre-registered to participate
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Performance Skill Example
Show us your performing skill level by submitting an Youtube Video of you, or your group's, dancing ability. It does not need to be the routine you intend on using. Dancing in video must meet a minimum 30 seconds.
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Performance for HolMat 2017
Please submit an example Youtube Video that you, or your group, plan to perform at Holiday Matsuri.
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