SRD October 12th Open Gender Mashup  | 5th Annual Quadditch House Cup | Springfield, MO
Skater Sign Up - Ends September 21st.
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There is a $10 registration fee for skaters payable via PayPal, due September 21st. Payment instructions will be sent with registration confirmation. This is a Harry Potter themed mini-tournament consisting of 3 - 40 minute games. You are guaranteed one game with the possibility of playing in the championship game. Skater Registration ends September 21st. No skater registration fees will be refunded after rosters are announced.
Championship Game
During the championship game, spectators will have the opportunity to purchase spells to cast on the teams! These spells are implemented between jams and with skater safety always in mind. Spells may include but are not limited to those listed below from last year’s Proclamation.
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Sorting Hat Procedure (Team Assignments)
Every consideration will be given to your preferred Hogwarts House assignment, HOWEVER, in order to make teams as balanced as possible, other factors including skill level and experience will be taken into consideration for final team placement. The Sorting Ceremony will take place on Sept. 28th. Please expect an owl immediately following.
(You'll get your team assignment via email by Sept. 28th.)

All skaters are responsible for making their own jerseys in their house color.
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