Team Blocksanity Application Form
The form for people to apply to join Team Blocksanity
Welcome to Team Blocksanity!
We are a map making team dedicated to helping smaller map makers grow their skills and learn how to make amazing maps!

Before you fill out the rest of this form please read all the information below.

If you're planning on join the team, you do need to have some experience making maps in the past and should probably have screenshots of this work. Note that you will also be tested to confirm that you have actually done the things you claim so try and avoid lying.

You will also need a Discord to join the team as that is currently our only method of communication. If you do not have a Discord, but still really want to be part of the team E-mail me @ and we can figure something out

Finally, quite a few members of this Team are younger. If you do not feel that you can work with younger people that I wouldn't recommend joining the team.

Well now that you've read all that you can move on. YAY!

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