MADE Roblox Hackathon Ages 12 -15 Summer 2020 July24 - August 31, 2020
Roblox Hackathon using the Obbie template. Open to ages 12 - 15. Winners will have their games shown in an exhibition at the MADE when it re-opens. You will be sent information on how to submit your game later on,.

Rules of the Hackathon

Use Roblox Studio to build a platformer game -

Use Roblox Studio to build the following:

A game that uses the Obby template.
A game that has at least 40 platforms to jump on.
A game that has at least 4 different sizes of platforms. Your choice of sizes.
A game that has at least 4 different colors and textures on the platforms. Your choice on how you design them.
A game that has 4 different platform heights.
A game that has at least 2 different sounds.
A game that has a background.

You the below link to get some helpful videos. More videos will be added during the eventto assist you.

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