The Seoul Illustration Fair vol.8 Participation Application
The Seoul Illustration Fair vol.8 Terms and Conditions
Article 1(Definition of Terms)
‘Exhibitor’ refers to the exhibitors, such as an individual, company, institution or group which has submitted application form and paid their participation fee. ‘Fair(Exhibition)’ refers to ‘Seoul Illustration Fair vol.8’.

Article 2(Qualifications)
1. Individuals or groups who are engaged in creative activities in the field of illustration or related fields can participate.
2. Exhibitors must participate with their own creation or product with their creation.
3. Exhibitors cannot participate with any artworks that infringe or plagiarize other people’s intellectual property right.
4. All legal rights and responsibilities regarding exhibitors’ artworks belong to exhibitors.

Article 3(Application)
Exhibitors must submit an application form to the organizer. After participation confirmation, participation fee must be paid within a 2 weeks. If exhibitor wants separate schedule for payment, exhibitor must contact the organizer beforehand.

Article 4(Booth Allocation)
1. Organizer has all rights to allocate booths and exhibitors may not object to the decision made. According to application and payment, booth will be assigned considering country, item, size, exhibition results and other reasonable matters.
2. Organizer may change booth allocation in case the organizer acknowledges any necessity. Such changes are under discretion of organizer and exhibitors shall not object on the decision.

Article 5(Exhibition Hall Hours)
Exhibition hall is allowed to be used from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If it is needed to be opened after or before the hours organizer allowed, exhibitors must apply for using exhibition hall and pay for extra fee.

Article 6(Installation and Move-out)
Booth installation and move-out must be completed by the time that organizer stated and exhibitors shall be responsible for all dismantling of exhibits and booth construction. If any damages caused by delay of booth installation or move-out, exhibitor must compensate for these damages to organizer.

Article 7(Submission of Information)
Exhibitor shall provide any information related to exhibition for organizer to acquire exhibitors’ information if they meet the qualifications. If exhibitor denies to provide such information, organizer has a right to cancel their participation.

Article 8(Security and Safety)
1. Exhibitors ought to provide any information to organizer to confirm if booths and exhibits follow rules and regulations of the exhibition. If an exhibitor refuses to provide, organizer shall cancel their participation.
2. For compensations of any damages caused by exhibitors, if it is on purpose or mistake, the exhibitor who caused damages must be responsible for any compensation.

Article 9(Display and Booth Management)
Exhibitor is only allowed to use their assigned booth and if there is any exhibit that doesn’t suit for the exhibition, organizer shall restrict its display. Exhibitor must display exhibit stated on application form and arrange personnel who stays in their booths for the event.

Article 10(Responsibility)
Exhibitor is fully responsible for damage, theft and loss for their exhibit items or any other injuries and cannot claim any of these compensations to organizer.

Article 11(Termination of the Agreement and Cancellation Penalty)
1. If exhibitors do not pay the participation fee within the designated period, 14 days notice will be given to them to make the payment and still if the payment is not made, organizer has the right to cancel the exhibition contract. In this case, exhibitor is not entitled to refund.
2. Exhibitor cannot assign the contract, sub-let or part with their booth or any portion of it without prior written consent from organizer. If exhibitors breach this term, exhibitor can be cancelled and the fee will not be subject to refund.
3. Organizer has a right to cancel participation of exhibitors when it is found that there is breach of terms and conditions or any false information. In this case, exhibitors is not entitled to refund.
– Organizer has no responsibilities about damages due to violation of terms and conditions by exhibitors.
– Organizer has rights to demand detailed information about the exhibition from the exhibitor and to restrict any irrelevant exhibits that does not fit in the exhibition.
– Exhibitors must participate with their own creation or products with their creation. If any false information or infringement of intellectual property right is found, booths will be removed and exhibitors cannot claim any refunds.
– Any expenses for removal due to violation of terms and conditions, exhibitors must cover all the expenses.
-If plagiarism or violation of intellectual property rights is confirmed, the participant will be restricted from participating in the Seoul Illustration Fair and exhibitors shall not object on the decision.
4. In case the exhibitor cancels or refuses the whole or partial space which is already registered due to own reason, the exhibitor shall inform organizer in document and pay the designated penalty within 15 days of participation cancellation. Penalty is deducted from the paid participation fee, if no sufficient, the exhibitor shall pay additionally and if surplus, the balance will be refunded.
※ Cancellation before June 18, 2019 – 20% of total participation fee
※ Cancellation during June 19 ~ August 18, 2019 – 40% of total participation fee
※ Cancellation during August 19 ~ Oct 18, 2019 – 50% of total participation fee
※ Cancellation during Oct 19 ~ Nov 18, 2019 – 50% of total participation fee
※ Cancellation from Nov 19, 2019 – 100% of total participation fee

Article 12(Cancellation of Exhibitor or Alteration)
Organizer can change and cancel the dates of the exhibition. In this case, organizer shall refund payment to the exhibitor as much as the exhibitor paid and exhibitors cannot claim for any extra cost. However, if the cancellation or alteration of the exhibition caused by irresistible situation like natural disasters, it will be solved by discussion with both organizer and exhibitors.

Article 13(Additional Rules)
Exhibitor must follow the rules and terms and conditions of Seoul Illustration Fair vol.8 and COEX.
When it is deemed to necessary, organizer shall enact any additional rules that have not been stated in this terms and conditions and exhibitors must follow any of additional rules.

Article 14(Dispute)
I any disputes that may arise concerning interpretation of Terms and Conditions between exhibitors and organizer, exhibitors agree to the competence of the Commercial arbitration Rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and shall not bring a law-suit against the ruling.

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