Annual DSE Awards Program 2020
Active DSE Members who wish to receive a trophy or certificate at the Gala for any award (including Age Division Awards) must submit this form by the deadline. We will not order trophies or print certificates for anyone that does not submit the form.

Please visit for a list of all awards and the requirements necessary.

Information submitted on this form will help determine your qualification for the following awards:

• Small / Large Mongo Trophy
• Top 5 for the Most Total Miles run (Male / Female)
• Top 5 for the Most Race Miles run (Male / Female)

Please try to provide accurate numbers for miles run/raced. Guessing could cost someone else an award they truly deserve. Documentation may be required from top finishers to verify totals.

New Members: No matter when during the year you joined DSE, you may include all running and race miles for the entire year.

******** Deadline for receipt of your completed form: January 2, 2020 ********
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How many TOTAL MILES did you run/walk this year?
Include all races, training runs, fun runs, exercise runs, etc.
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How many miles did you RACE this year?
Official races with published results. Training and fun runs do not count.
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If I meet the qualifications, my preference for an award is: *
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