Soccer Token Airdrop
Are you excited about the biggest soccer tournament of the year? Waves has got something to heat the whole thing up even more: we’re issuing our own Soccer Token, so you can win some crypto during the championship!

You can receive this airdrop if you have WCT and/or MRT in your wallet. In order to participate, you will need to:

- Follow Waves on Twitter
- Join Waves Telegram channel
- Subscribe to Waves on Steemit or Reddit

- If you have only one token out of the two (WCT or MRT) in your wallet, you will receive 1 Soccer Token.
- If you have both tokens (WCT and MRT) in your wallet, you will receive 2 Soccer Tokens.
- We will distribute 50,000 tokens in total for this airdrop.
- The airdrop will be conducted daily from 14-28 June.
- Waves will buy back Soccer Tokens not later than 60 calendar days after the end of the soccer championship, provided that the user submits a relevant order for selling Soccer Tokens on the Waves DEX. The order must be submitted within 25 (twenty five) days after the end of the soccer championship.
- Buyback prices for each team will be announced before the start of the International soccer championship 2018.
- The team token that managed to get further in the championship will have a higher value than the teams, which dropped out at the beginning of the tournament.
- The airdrop announcement post shared to user's page must be publically visible.
- Buyback prices are fixed.
- The maximum prize fund is 30 BTC.
- The minimum prize fund is 3 BTC.

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