Yes, I want to become a volunteer!
Great! that's an enormous help. Please fill out your details below and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

For instance we need a Community Manager to help us build an active online and offline community, we need Aid Workers that are willing to go to Greece for at least a week and Logistics Wizards, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
Every help is welcome, be it incidentally or on a regular basis.

If you're applying for an aid mission in Greece, we will help you with crowdfunding your travel expenses and aid goods. Your application is final after you transferred a contribution of (at least) €500 to IBAN NL60TRIO 0198 3710 39 mentioning your full name and sent us a copy of your ID to
This amount may seem like a lot of money, experience tells that it's actually quite easy to crowdfund :)
It includes tickets, a hotel or apartment room, transfers to and from the airport and most meals.
In case of rejection or cancellation on our side your funds are returned. Cancellation on your side is subject to cancellation policies of airlines, hotels, etc.
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