Merrill Memorial Library Meeting Room Application
Intent: Our goal is to establish reasonable rules to facilitate the purpose of the library and to encourage and welcome the community, in all its diversity, to use the building for activities related to non-profit, literary, cultural, educational and community events by individuals and groups. We understand and celebrate the diverse functions now sponsored by libraries, and wish to respond to the Yarmouth community’s needs and wishes. In general, MML is guided by the “Use of Meeting Room Space” of the Town of Yarmouth.

Procedures: Requests for use of either third floor rooms must be made by application. These are available both online and at the library. Completed applications should be submitted to library staff who will verify room availability and whether the event fits with MML guidelines. All applications must be approved by the library director. MML sponsored programs will take precedence over programs sponsored by outside organizations.

1. Events sponsored by non-profit organizations should be open to the public as long as no one is overly disruptive to event proceedings.
2. Applications for recurring reservations can be submitted only 60 days ahead of time.
3. To allow use of library meetings rooms by as many groups as possible, no group may use meeting rooms more than 2 times each month and more than 24 times each year. Requests for exceptions to this rule should be made in writing to the library director.
4. Use of the meeting rooms must be consistent with the mission and policies of the library. Meeting room activities cannot disrupt the business of the library and the enjoyment of other library patrons. Noisy activities will not be allowed during library open hours.
5. Groups using the meetings rooms during library hours will be restricted to the use of 5 parking spaces. Additional parking is available on Main Street and at Town Hall.
6. Advertising for an event must show the organization’s contact phone number, not the MML phone number and include the parking policy described in #5 above.
7. The sponsoring organization must have a representative at the front door if the event is held during library closed hours. The doors may not be unlocked and unattended.
8. Children require adult supervision at all times and may not be left unattended in the library during any event.
9. The sponsoring organization must receive instruction on use of AV equipment during library open hours prior to event.
10. Materials and equipment may not be stored at MML in advance or following any event.
11. The Town of Yarmouth prohibits the serving of alcohol in all municipal buildings. The kitchenette on the third floor may be used for the serving of non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks, but must be left as it was found. Because of the limited kitchen facilities, refreshments cannot consist of meals or banquets.
12. At the conclusion of an event, the sponsoring organization is responsible for returning the room(s) to the state in which they were found. Chairs should be put back, trash removed, etc. Diagrams of standard room layouts are located near the light switch.
13. Failure to comply with the provisions of this policy may result in:
a. Imposition of a cleaning fee;
b. Restriction of future use of the meeting rooms; or
c. Forfeiture of the offending organization’s privilege to use the library meeting rooms.
14. Meeting rooms may not be used to conduct personal political campaigns. However, meetings to discuss religion or politics are welcome.

Room use hours: Yarmouth residents may use the rooms outside of the library’s normal open hours. The Yarmouth resident must sign the room use application and take possession and responsibility for a key to the building.

All non-Yarmouth organizations are restricted to using the rooms during library open hours which are, unless otherwise posted:

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tuesday and Wednesday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Closed Saturdays in July and August and on holiday weekends.

Fees for room use:
Non-profits/Schools/Municipal/Government No charge
Yarmouth for-profit businesses $40 ½ day; $80 full day
For-profit businesses $50 ½ days; $100 full day
(½ day = 3 hours, full day = 3-6 hours)
Rental fees are charged so that no taxpayer is forced to subsidize group activities with which they disagree.

Room Specifications:
Lewis Hall
Capacity - 20-80 people
Format - lecture hall with chairs
AV equipment - drop down video screen, microphones, computer connectivity
Trustees’ Meeting Room
Capacity - 12-15 people
Format - conference table with chairs
AV equipment - drop down screen and portable projector

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Please note: rooms are only available during library open hours, unless being used by a Yarmouth resident. Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm; Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am to 8 pm; Closed Saturdays in July and August and on holiday weekends.
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