Pesticide-free Childcare Pledge
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We pledge to eliminate use of weed killers(herbicides) and insecticides on our grounds and playground areas. *
We pledge to disseminate information about pesticide harms provided by Good Neighbor Iowa to parents. *
We pledge to implement practices that significantly reduce the need for any pesticide application for indoor pests. *
We pledge to follow the guidelines outlined in CFOC Standard Integrated Pest Management regarding Integrated Pest Management in and around our facility. *
Guidelines may be found at: For further Integrated Pest Management resources, contact us at Good Neighbor Iowa.
At Good Neighbor Iowa may provide additional resources on request. Please indicate any of the following if interested:
Pesticide-free lawn signs to promote your safe and responsible practices; Informational materials pesticide harms.
It is okay to share our choice to pledge on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. *
We at Good Neighbor use social media to communicate our work with the public. We feel it is important to share with Iowans that childcare providers are eliminating pesticide use for the health of our children. With you consent, we may share information about your choice to pledge, and to celebrate your leadership in the state!
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