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To suggest a theme issue (also called e-collection), please fill out this form and submit it.
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Theme issues are in fact e-collections that may span papers published across a range of journals, although usually there is one main target journal for each theme issue. For the main target journal (where the call for papers will be published, if any), select a JMIR journal that is closest to the topic. Do not choose by "impact factor". As theme issues are in fact e-collections, high priority papers can be cascaded to the top journals within the JMIR family, while for example formative papers or protocols can be transferred to JMIR Research Protocols.
How will authors be solicited? *
Describe how authors will be/are being solicited. For example, if the theme issue is a product of a workshop or conference we would expect some indication on who will select the best contributions for the workshop and invites the authors to submit to the theme issue (a theme issue should have at least 5-10 papers).
Provide further details if invite only or combination of both
What will be your role as guest editor? *
You can decide between handling the papers as an active guest "section" editor (including assigning reviewers and making decisions) or you can be an "acquisition editor" only, meaning that you just solicit the article submissions but leave the peer-review and decision-making to JMIR staff editors (you will still be credited as guest editor, but can leave the peer-review/decision making to them). The former is preferred.
Will there be an editorial and/or commentary article for this theme issue, written by the editors (usually free of charge)? *
Is this theme issue sponsored or non-sponsored? *
Who will pay the Article Processing Fee(s)? You can decide to cover the costs for the theme issue through a sponsor or grant ("sponsored theme issue"), or have the authors pay the APF. We usually give 20% off the regular Article Processing Fees for a theme issue or waive the fee for 1 out of 5 theme issue articles (editors may use this to invite "stars" to publish a paper free of charge). Thus the approximate costs for a theme issue is the APF times number of articles minus 20% (e.g. $1500 * 10= $15.000, minus $3000 (20%) = $12.000).
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Please visit the link below for further details as well as our MoU template and information on drafting a call for papers. Thank you for your interest in JMIR!
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