Get in on the ground floor. Nominate yourself for Trybe's creator network
Not often will you get the opportunity to be a pioneer in such early days of a new social media app. Trybe's mission is to make social media more rewarding for everyone. We are committed to building the product and community with you.

The days are numbered for companies who make money off of you, your time, and creativity, without you getting paid. Time's also up on those companies that don't listen to you. That's what this is about. Nominate yourself to get engaged with us and other creators. We will:

+ Give you early access to test features that will help you build your profile and connect with your audience
+ Invite you to be on creator panels
+ Keep you up to date on creator news and industry analytics
+ Ask you to vote on product roadmap planning
+ Send you only what you actually want to help you succeed as a creator
+ Get you into the app early so you can grow your audience from the beginning, and start getting rewarded for what you do.

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