Mythical Journeys 2 End-of-Campaign Character Plans
As we look to the future and the intended turn-over from MJ2 to MJ3 in 2021, we are seeing what a large number of storylines there are to bring to satisfying conclusions. To that end, we want to know what is important to you. Your goals might pertain to personal character development, to Eldyrwood happenings, to world events, or be a mix of all three.

Your submissions here are no guarantee that your character will attain these goals - that, of course, requires in-game work as always - but knowing your intentions and hopes is integral to the MJ2 plot team as we work hard to make the rest of this campaign rewarding for everyone involved.

Please submit your response to this survey by August 9th, 2019. (The same deadline as everything else for fall 1.) Submissions received earliest will, naturally, be able to be given the most consideration by the MJ2 plot writing team.

Keep answers short so that we can more easily sort through all of them. More in-depth information may be submitted using the Letters to Cast / Plot Update feature on the Mythical Journeys website.
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What is your third plan before the end of MJ2, if any?
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If you intend to stop playing or retire your character sooner than the end of the MJ2 campaign, what is your intended timeframe?
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