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Propose an addition or correction to the PhoneFlare Database, - if you are a representative from the institution itself, please mention this in the comments/explanation section
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Email Prefix (example: for New York University for all students) or some other email convention/ url to list of emails - if only geobound based leave blank
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Please Enter at least one of the following two ways to contact  the institution:
We are equipped to do either (and if you support both please add both) but most institutions have a preferred method and most of the time that is by phone.
Emergency Phone Number (phone call)
Emergency Email
Street Address (of main building or safety dept either/or).
Links/Explanation/Comments showing above information is accurate *
If you are not confident doing this our volunteers can estimate the 'jurisdiction' geoboundary (if one of the students with a verified institution email is inside these boundaries you will be contacted) but it would give the institution much more control (not to mention save us quite a bit of time and some guesswork) for you to enter these for us:

Tutorial: Go to google maps and at the northeast point of the rectangle, click. You should see two numbers separated by a comma - copy and paste these below. Repeat for the southwest coordinate of the rectangle.
NorthEast Coordinate: (example: 40.736676, -74.003377)
SouthWest Coordinate:
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