School-Wide Campaign Questionnaire with The Kiva Center
This is a preliminary questionnaire for school representatives who would like to initiate a school-wide campaign with The Kiva Center at their school. Please fill out this form to the best of your ability.
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Which type of School-Wide Campaign are you interested in running at your school? *
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List your 3 top goals associated with this campaign. *
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Identify at least 3 barriers to addressing these goals (i.e. what is currently preventing your school community from working towards this cause?) *
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Please indicate ALL of the groups from which you have identified and reached out to at least one person to support this initiative? Groups include Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administration. *
Does your school staff currently address the topic of concern in their lessons, weekly practices and classroom culture?
Please choose the option that best describes your students' level of motivation in regards to this topic.
The Kiva Center School-Wide Campaigns range in their level of involvement, from the most basic to highly involved. Please choose the option that best describes the ideal Campaign Initiative with The Kiva Center. *
Please choose the option that best describes the current funds that your school has available for a School-Wide Campaign (If you know the exact amount, write it in the category labeled 'Other'). Basic Level starts at $600. *
Please include any additional questions and/or comments that you may have here.
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