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The housing developments planned for West End will see an additional 350 – 400 homes built in the
village, increasing the number of couples, families and older people in our community. Whilst these
housing developments have not been universally popular, they have been approved by Borough Council,
and the parish council wanted to make the next phase of village development as positive and inclusive as

As new homes are built, the parish council receives a CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy). CIL is paid by
the developer to the Borough Council, and the parish council receives 15% of this. The parish element
(approx. £600,000) must be used ‘to support the development of the local area by funding’:

i. the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or
ii. anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area

This CIL represents a great opportunity to enhance/enrich the village and provide a greater selection of
amenities for all ages and tastes but it must be spent within 5 years of receipt or be returned to the
Borough Council.

With this in mind, back in September 2017 the parish council carried out a survey to establish the needs
of the community. Details of the survey were printed in a newsletter which was distributed to every
household in West End. The survey was available online or in the parish office. Information regarding the
survey was also published in the parish magazine.

Residents are still invited to make their views known to the Parish Council regarding Infrastructure

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