Municipal & Tree Care Industry Survey
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The Michigan Urban Wood Network is a group of people, organizations, and businesses working together to find more value in wood from Michigan’s removed urban and community trees. Our partners work on different projects and offer different services, but they all share a common vision for putting dead and dying trees to better use. We are part of a larger Urban Wood Network that connects partners in other states around this same goal.

Through support from the USDA Forest Service, this network has launched a free website for municipalities, tree care companies, sawmills, woodworkers, and other organizations to promote their efforts to use urban wood. This survey is our effort to better understand how we can expand the Michigan Urban Wood Network’s services in the future to provide the support and networking assistance needed to advance our state’s urban forest products industry. We appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with us. For more information about the Michigan Urban Wood Network, including membership details, visit
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