AEI/NAEA Award Nomination Form
We love identifying and recognizing outstanding art educators and art supporters in our state!
You are welcome to nominate as many deserving nominees as you'd like by completing additional forms.

To nominate a person for an AEI/NAEA award you must do the following:
1) Complete and submit this form.
2) Write a letter of nomination highlighting specific qualifications and reasons why your nominee should be considered for this award. Submit your letter of nomination to
3) We recommend contacting your nominee and letting them know you've nominated them for an award. This way they will know to be on the look out for an e-mail from the AEI Awards Chair. They will also know they can begin working on their vitae and obtaining their letters of recommendations from their administrators and colleagues.

Thank you for submitting your nomination.

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You may select up to two category areas. If you are not sure which category to select, please check "Unsure" and the AEI Awards Chair will be in contact. AEI Award Winners, with the exception of "Rising Star" will advance to NAEA for regional and national level consideration.
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Write a letter of nomination stating the reasons you are nominating this person (or organization) for the award. Include the exact award title in the introduction of your statement. This statement will be read or utilized as part of the awards program. *
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Thank you for taking the time to nominate this worthy educator. Be sure to notify them of the nomination so that they will be expecting in invitation to complete the Awards Packet.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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