AFT Local 1796 Petition regarding Pioneer Success Seminar
Note: If you have already signed the Pioneer Success Seminar petition in person, please do not sign online.

AFT Local 1796 Petition regarding Pioneer Success Seminar

The William Paterson University administration has decided to provide differential compensation for librarians and professional staff participating in workshops/training regarding the Pioneer Success Seminar. While faculty will receive additional monetary compensation for workshops/training, professional staff and librarians will have to account for their time to attend workshops/training under the Excused Adjustment Code (EXA) on their timesheets. As project-based employees, professional staff must complete their required workload in a timely manner. Time expended in workshops or training must be completed by working additional hours outside of their “normal” workweek; time for which they are not compensated. This creates a gross inequity. The leadership of AFT Local 1796 refused to sign an agreement supporting any differential compensation. The Union’s position is that teaching and non-teaching personnel engaged in academic endeavors should be compensated in the same manner.

We, the undersigned, take a strong stance against the inequity the William Paterson University administration is implementing regarding Pioneer Success Seminar compensation for workshops/training for Professional Staff and Librarians. We strongly believe that all members of our bargaining unit (Faculty, Librarians, and Professional Staff) should be compensated in the same manner for their participation. We respectfully request that the Board of Trustees take action to correct this inequity.
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