AF Corporate Care Fund
The AF Corporate Care Fund is designed to provide short-term, emergency support to Advance Financial employees who are facing serious financial hardship as a result of certain unforeseen and preventable circumstances and who cannot afford housing, utilities and other basic living expenses.

The employee must be able to provide documentation of the event that caused financial hardship.

Qualifying incidents include natural disasters, life-threatening or serious illness or injury, death incident, catastrophic or extreme circumstances.

Catastrophic or extreme circumstances do not include reduced work hours or pay, garnished wages, credit card bills, home foreclosure, bankruptcy, car repair, loss of tenant or rental property, or accumulated financial distress.

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You must have experienced at least one of these qualifying incidents:

Natural disaster

Life-threatening or serious illness

Death Incident

Catastrophic or extreme circumstances

Employed by Advance Financial for at least one year

Currently employed or on approved leave

Incident must have happened within the past 60 days

Because of the incident, there must be financial hardship that affects your ability to pay for basic living needs

You cannot have received assistance from the Advance Financial Cares Fund in the past 12 months

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