2018 Manufacturing Innovation Champion Award Nomination Form
PURPOSE: Science + Innovation Awards (SIA) and Manufacturing USA want to honor educators or mentors who are champions for manufacturing innovation in the United States.

The Manufacturing Innovation Champion Award will recognize spokespeople, trainers, mentors, or educators throughout the country who demonstrate to the next generation what it means to "make".

Winners will be selected based on their leadership, collaboration, innovation, and impact in promoting manufacturing in their community, state, or across the U.S.


Manufacturing Innovation Award recipients will be honored during the Science + Innovation Awards in Burbank, California in November 2018.

SUBMISSION DETAILS: All Manufacturing Innovation Champion Award nominations must demonstrate the exceptional leadership of an individual or group in encouraging young leaders to innovate. Submissions must include a description of the nominee(s)’ activities that advance the future of manufacturing. Activities may range across any major technology area including those supported through Manufacturing USA.

Nominations are open for individuals or teams fostering manufacturing skills and innovation in their communities. There are no age or education level restrictions.

We want to see how you are inspiring the next generation of innovation leaders!

Only one Manufacturing Innovation Champion will be selected.

Any organization (academic, trade, industry, or government) or individual (fellow teachers, advisors, mentees, and/or students) may nominate an individual or team. Applicants cannot nominate themselves.

Manufacturing USA has 14 different advanced manufacturing technology areas, which can be viewed at www.manufacturingusa.com/institutes.


The Manufacturing Innovation Champion Award will be selected on the following criteria:

- LEADERSHIP: The nominee(s) are considered an authority on manufacturing technology in their community. Activities may include acting as a spokesperson, trainer, mentor, or educator.
- COLLABORATION: The nominee(s) have worked to build support and increase excitement for manufacturing innovation in their community. Activities may include establishing or strengthening educational clubs, partnerships, coalitions, committees, working groups, or other.
- INNOVATION: The nominee(s) have used innovative strategies in their community, state, or
across the U.S. to challenge manufacturing industry stigmas. Activities may include either creating new strategies or adapting existing strategies to engage populations that do not regularly enter or interact with manufacturing technologies.
- IMPACT: The nominee(s)’ leadership, collaboration, and innovative activities have made a measurable impact on their community, state, or across the U.S. A description of their impact may include number of students reached, signs of change within a community’s culture, etc.

Nominations should meet ALL of the following requirements:

• All nominator(s) must be 13 years of age or older.
• All nominee(s) must be 13 years of age or older.
• All nominee(s) must be residents of the United States.
• All nominee(s)’ activities must be focused on supporting manufacturing innovation within the
United States.
• All nominations must be submitted by someone other than the nominee(s).
• The nominator must be able to demonstrate their nominee(s)’ impact on their community,
state, or the U.S.

• All information must be verifiable.

Please fill out the following fields to complete the nomination form. If any required fields are not
completed, the nomination will not be considered. All fields are required unless otherwise noted.
If you have any questions please contact Nominations@scienceandinnovationawards.com

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