Team Coach-on-Duty Update Request
A Team Coach-on-Duty is required whenever a rider from the team is in the course (including Pre-Ride) in order to expedite contacting an accountable person at the race for the following
- Medical Concerns requiring the attention of a coach (to locate or represent a parent)
- Referee Questions requiring the presence of a coach involving a member the team

The Coach-on-Duty is initially set to the Head Coach of the Team (as noted in the Pitzone) at every race. If this is correct for all races, no changes need to be made.

To update the Coach-on-Duty Roster:
- You will need the name and phone number of the coach you are delegating to
- Submit One Request for each Person to be identified as a Coach-on-Duty
- You can Select multiple races, multiple time slots and multiple teams for this contact.
- The most recent request will override any previous requests made for the same contact.
- If there is no remaining contact, the Head Coach Name will be placed in the time slot.
- You will receive an email for each request you make.
- You can check the Coach-on-Duty Roster by viewing the roster online or by visiting the Referee area at the race

If you need to update a Coach-on-Duty Contact at a race, visit the Referee area to provide the update in person.

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Race1 - Aug 24/25 Austin
Race2 - Sep 7/8 Lk Rebecca
Race3 - Sep 14/15 Summit Lake WI
Race4 - Sep 28/29 WhiteTail Ridge WI
Race5 - Oct 5/6 Detroit Mtn
Race6 - Oct 12/13 Spirit Mtn
Race7 - Oct 26/27 Mt Kato
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