Sign Up for North Carolina's Candid Critters Camera Trapping Survey!
If you would like to borrow a camera, please complete this form.
If you heard about the project through the NC WRC, please sign up via this link:
In agreement for providing you with a state-of-the-art camera trap to explore the secret lives of mammals, we must be able to obtain the data you collect.

The data collected from this survey will be stored within the Smithsonian Institution to be used by present and future scientists; therefore, it is important that we collect data from all participants.

**If you would like to participate in this project, please be aware that in addition to setting the camera, you will need to commit approximately 1 hour of your time to:

1. Identify animals that your camera captures
2. Upload all of your images to the Smithsonian - PLEASE DO NOT DELETE ANY PHOTOS, blank or "boring" photos are still good photos!

The necessary software and a tutorial will be provided to you.

Please be aware that there is a specific schedule for deploying your camera and uploading your photos. There will be a 1 deployment trial period to verify the all volunteers are able to follow this schedule.
The more deployments and uploads you complete, the more prizes you can win!!
How and when to choose your camera site
Once you have signed up and completed the online waiver, we will send you an online training to complete. After passing the training module, we will provide you with a map of coordinates located on publicly owned land (e.g., National Forest, State Park, Gameland, etc.) in your county from which you can choose to set your camera.

You also have the option to choose a site on your own land. If your property is in a suburban or urban area, you will be limited to setting your camera ONCE on your land. We are interested in surveying a variety of sites across the state that include forested, open, and developed areas. If you choose a site on your own land, you will need to complete a Site Description Form that will be provided to you after your training is complete.

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