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The purpose of this project is to assist Alachua county families of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with their efforts to increase their children's communication. Over the past year, IMPACT Autism has collected donations from local families, friends and businesses for this cause. IMPACT is offering an opportunity for families to apply for these funds. The funds can be used to purchase the services, training, or devices families might need to facilitate their child's communication. Each family can can request up to $500.

Families living in Alachua County that have at least one child aged 3-21 years old diagnosed with ASD (i.e. autism, pervasive developmental disorder- not otherwise specified, fragile x, asperger's syndrome, rett's syndrome, or childhood disintegrative disorder) and a communication impairment can apply for funds.

Friday September 23, 2011 by midnight

Complete the application form by clicking on the link below. You will need to describe in detail your child's communication needs and how the services, training, or devices you are requesting will be used. The following are just a few ideas of the types of resources you might request: (a) support for attending a conference, (b) customized visual supports (c) augmentative alternative communication devices, software or training (d) software or training (e) support to attending training workshops, or (f) professional communcation related assessments for your child

A review board of three members including two officers from IMPACT Autism and a staff member from UF-CARD will review each application. A limited number of families will be selected to receive a grant award, however, all families who apply will receive feedback from the review board, and assistance finding alternative solutions to support them in increasing their child's communication.

Please feel free to contact us by email at:, if you have any questions.

To learn more about IMPACT Autism, please visit us at

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