National Conference on Higher Education in Prison Reimbursement Form
Please complete this form and submit it with all your conference-related receipts (as one single PDF) by November 30, 2018.

Please do not submit reimbursements prior to November 11 and the end of the conference; this will help ensure that you have all of your receipts collected before submitting reimbursement.

Expenses without receipts cannot be reimbursed; photocopies or scans of receipts are acceptable as long as the receipt is legible. Receipts will only be accepted for allowable expenses. Please review the list of allowable expenses before submitting:

Reimbursements will be process as they are received and as long as all information is provided, checks should be received within four weeks of submission.

Please review all information before submitting your reimbursement request.

Finally, please be sure you have all of your receipts before beginning the the reimbursement form. You will be required to submit a receipt for each expense.

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