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Inspired by a Back to school drive championed by Jacob Henry; a National volunteer in a small community in Ikorodu who had tracked, fund-raised and enrolled thirty (30) children back to school, a team of Nigerian and UK volunteers working on a youth participation project in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State embarked on an ambitious campaign to send more out of school back to school.
Access to Learning and School (ATLAS) Initiative is a social enterprise that seeks to address issues of inequalities in access to education and learning particularly in marginalized communities. Our mission is to promote accessible lifelong learning opportunities through Global Active Citizenship, Volunteering, knowledge sharing and innovative use of Information communication technology (ICT).
The Organization is based in Nigeria with volunteers working in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States. This is because , we believe that the development of any society across the globe relies on the knowledge, experiences, skills and attributes of global expertise. The more enriching and diverse the educational experiences provided by ATLAS, the more enriched the individual becomes. Therefore, providing access and opportunities to basic quality education is the first step towards creating a more rounded society and preventing crime.

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