2020 Southern Sideshow Hootenanny (March 6th - 8th in New Orleans) Performer Application
Welcome to the 2020 Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Performer Application! The Hoot strives to be an inclusive performance space and welcomes performers from all backgrounds that consider themselves a part of or inspired by the great American art of sideshow to apply! Applications are reviewed by a selection committee comprised of performers, producers, legends, and audience members.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee you a performance slot. Selected performers will receive an honorarium and a discounted performer pass. Applying is free for members and natural borns. Memberships start at $35, are good for an entire year, and can be purchased here: https://www.southernsideshowhootenanny.com/membership.html

Otherwise, we charge a $5 fee per application for non-members, which can be sent over PayPal or through our website to us at southernsideshowhootenanny@gmail.com. Please contact us at the same e-mail address if you have any questions. Do NOT contact individual producers directly. Doing so will delay you receiving a response as your message will need to be shared and discussed. Thank you so much for applying!
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If you are submitting as a troupe, Troupe Night is a strictly family friendly show. Do you have a family friendly show that you would like to be considered for Troupe Night?
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Some specialty acts (fire, aerial, pincushion, suspension, etc.) may be required to carry performers' insurance and/or to provide certification of blood born pathogens training. If either of these apply to you, can you supply proof of either or are you willing to obtain the appropriate documentation upon acceptance?
If you have either performers insurance or BBP certification, please tell us which, who they were acquired through, and when you obtained them here:
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Please post a link to something that will give us a sense of your style as a performer (i.e., video, website, articles written about you, lauding your abilities.) If you have video of the act you are submitting, please post that here. *
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