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To secure your spot in the program, this registration form must be completed and payment received. Additional program details will be sent to you after that.

You are always welcome to be in touch with any questions.

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Participant Agreements
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Participants are encouraged to attend all teleconference meetings live for the benefit of the group interaction. Meetings will be recorded. If you miss a meeting, please listen to the recording so you know what was covered.
Organizer Options *
While participants are free to choose their organizer option (including just a regular binder), “The Everything Binder” by Michelle Perry Higgins is the primary resource for The Great Big Gift. If you have questions about other options, contact Susan via email address at top of form. Susan has no financial interest in sales of "The Everything Binder" or any other organizer option. If you are already using another organizer you are free to continue with that.
Computer Access and Knowledge *
The program is offered via web teleconference on Zoom. You can call in from a phone or computer. Communication to, from, and between program participants will be via email and other web-based options; documents will be sent electronically. Computer availability and user knowledge are essential. After the first meeting, participants will have the opportunity to opt in to email and/or other web-based options for communicating with each other.
Registration Payment *
$200 or reciprocal exchange (Reciprocal exchange is an amount you choose to pay for the benefits you derive from the program that also aligns with your finances. It can be more or less than $200. Contact Susan to arrange.)
Payment, Refund, and Cancellation Policy, and Additional Costs - Please read the document here: *
Registration & Payment
Select the session you wish to attend. Then select your payment option.

Payment may be made via check or PayPal.

Make checks payable to "The Great Big Gift" and put program start date on memo line, e.g., "Oct. 2"

Send to: Susan Sanford, The Great Big Gift, PO Box 760, Nevada City, CA 95959

PayPal payments: see link below

Select session. Dates and times are Pacific time zone. World time converter here: The program is 4 web teleconference meetings over 2 months. Regular "TGBG Freebie" meetings are offered for ongoing support. Yes, they're free. *
$200 or reciprocal exchange (Reciprocal exchange is an amount you choose to pay for the benefits you derive from the program that also aligns with your finances. It can be more or less than $200.) Payment must be in US dollars. *
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