Marshall Closing Procedures
Congratulations on completing another year of knowing yourself, checking yourself, and being yourself in your current Marshall community. Visit the Marshall Move Out 2017 website to learn of all steps for checking out which includes completing this online form. At Marshall you MUST complete all of these steps to be considered as a proper check out. After completing this form you will know more information regarding Check Out Procedure, Move Out guidelines and restrictions, improper check out fee, and more!
Check Out AS SOON as you are able after your last final and no later than Saturday, June 17th at 6pm. A MINIMUM of $45 will be charged to your account for failing to check out before 6pm and for not following the proper check out procedures. ***Checking out past the check out deadline [Saturday, June 17th at 6pm] will result in ADDITIONAL FEES. A $1.00 per additional minute will be charged to your student account. To check out means that:

1. everything you own is out the room, suite, and/or apartment;
2. you have completed your assigned chores that you agreed upon with your apartment mates or suitemates;
3. if you are the last one out of your room the door is locked; and
4. your key is turned in to the Marshall Residential Life.

Keep in mind that campus roads that access Marshall's buildings will be closed Friday, June 16th from 7am-2pm and Saturday, June 17th from 7am-2pm which means that NO ONE will be able to come into campus during these hours. This also means our office will not be open for check-outs.
Significant delays and various road closures/detours need be expected, so please plan accordingly, so you and your family can avoid the frustration of being stuck and delayed. Your best bet , if you are all done with finals, to be checked out BEFORE Thursday, June 15th to avoid traffic congestion and any kinds of delays.

When the office is CLOSED, you must use Express Checkout. Once your room is vacant, come to the Marshall Residential Life Office and fill out an Express Check-out envelope (envelopes will be left on the front desk of our office). You will then place your keys inside the envelope and place the sealed envelope through the Residential Life Office door slot. *Students that check out via express Checkout will not be able to sign their room inventory forms.

You will also be able to do Express Checkout during business hours when our office is open if you want to avoid any long lines.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY CHECK OUT (not recommended due to congested traffic)

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